Limited Edition Tie Dye Band - Medium

Limited Edition Tie Dye Band - Medium

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BOOTIQUE Premium Glute activation bands can be used prior to your workout to engage the muscles, as a workout finisher or throw them in your luggage for a hotel room workout  or for an at home workout.

Our Premium glute activation bands are made from a woven fabric material with 2 rubber strips to prevent the band from sliding and rolling. They are built to last, meaning you will never have to worry about them stretching, snapping or tearing.

Our collection of Performance Luxe 'Boutique' bands are the perfect fusion of fitness and fashion, keeping you in style and on trend and not compromising on high tech performance.

BOOTIQUE Bands will help you get the most out of your body and your training.

Our Tie Dye band is a 14.5" loop with medium resistance so it is great for ALL fitness levels.    

Perfect for any Sumo stance exercises, Lunges, Glute kickbacks, Clam shells and lateral and reverse leg raises.